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The PROHEAT Pad engine heater is a unique product designed to heat all the important parts of the engine beginning with it's oil supply. It operates by one of the most basic principles of physics ....HEAT RISES!
If you live in a cold weather climate you need a PROHEAT Pad engine heater!

As the oil pan is heated to bring the oil to operating temperatures, the heat rises into the engine to warm it's internal components. As this occurs, not only do you have WARM OIL for lubrication, but warm internal components for less drag during initial cranking and less wear on vital engine parts.

Engine Heater Features:
  • Faster/easier engine cranking in cold weather
  • Easily installs in minutes, peel and stick application
  • No tools required, no hoses to cut!
    Immediate engine oil pressure! e.g. Heats 6 quarts of oil from -40 deg F to +60 deg F in one hour
  • Heats entire engine from the bottom up! Full two year warranty. Apply to METAL ONLY. (Aluminum is OK!)

Each model of heating unit is custom designed to match the engine application. The engine heating pad is permanently bonded to the outside surface of the oil pan with a pressure sensitive adhesive. Remember this when choosing a product to help protect your engine, start with the oil and let the principle of physics do the rest, ....HEAT RISES!

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